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SBA consults and executes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) ranging from any form of Environmental to Philanthropic contribution.

Being a social benefit organization, we help our clients by measuring social impact and creating value through social innovation. We help corporations, public sector agencies; nonprofits and foundations create value through social change and empower them with data to solve social problems more efficiently.

Most importantly, our executive system will enable your organization to focus on what matters most, as we try to create a sustainable strategy, transparent reporting and a positioning that answers your needs.

Through our needs assessment system, we strategically establish and implement several actions (taking the headaches off you) towards the overall improvement of target beneficiaries. We also help you identify beneficiaries and key social empowerment needs in academic, community, youth, women & children, health and other areas of social benefits. In the end, your brand differentiation is certain!

Need to make a social impact today? Let us take the headaches for you!
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