Electrical Wiring, Installations & Technology

This course prepares young adults to work on their own upon programme completion. The combination of our teaching and experiment systems play the key role – self-guided learning via project work both in class and on the field, hence grounding for teaching and practical skills that will stay with students throughout their careers.

This course is a combination of Basic Electrical, Electronics and Solar PV-Systems training. Total course duration is for 6 months plus 3 months assisted internship placement to a relevant industry. Graduates of this course are multi-skilled, flexible industrial technicians capable of working in high-level manufacturing and engineering services environment. Their services are in high demand.



Catering, Decorating & Hotel Management

This course prepares trainees for progression to Entrepreneurship and general management in medium-size to large establishments in the hotel, catering and tourism industries. The course is incorporated with a series of classes to help you learn with hands-on approach.

The course duration for this programme is 4 months plus 3 months assisted internship placement.
Graduates of this course are multi-skilled and flexible industrial people.



Basic Building Technology

SBA’s Building and Construction training provides students with a basic mixture of academic and practical training in areas of residential-type building. Coursework is practical intensive complemented with additional classroom studies. Career paths include mainly builders. This course will show you how SBA can empower teams to design and operate a building with basic systems, leveraging the SBA platform solution which includes contract jobs, where students get first-hand experience of what it takes to do these jobs. Trainees will learn about the different components of a smart building and which contractors typically are responsible for the installation and configuration of the systems.



Tiling and Fitting (Masonry)

Are you keen to get started in tiling? At SBA, we offer a complete collection of tiling courses to help you attain the most professional stage of your tiling career. Our tiling courses in SBA are taught in dedicated facilities.

Our instructors are qualified, experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic tradespersons, so students can take advantage of all the tips of the trade, personal experiences and advice they offer. This short course is intensive, but in a good learning environment.

Total course duration is 6 months plus 3 months assisted internship placement to a relevant industry. Graduates of this course are multi-skilled, flexible industrial entrepreneurs capable of working in high-level design and installation services environment.



Photography & Video Making

This course combines photography and video coverage during the modular session. This training program provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to stay current in the constantly changing media industry. At SBA, we believe that learning Photography and Video has to be fun and inspiring to students.

This programme as both a profession and a hobby is an incredibly expansive topic that covers a remarkably vast range of subjects from science and art. No matter where you lie on the professional spectrum, there is simply always more to learn.



Painting and Paint Making

SBA ensures students enrolled in painting courses receive in-depth painting training, from chemical safety and tool handling to plastering and hands-on painting experiences. A painting class in this program can transform any beginner into a skilled professional. The series of classes takes a measured approach, beginning with pre-technical skills and then leading into in-depth trade concepts.

Lessons include brush strokes, material engineering and chemistry fundamentals covering acids, bases and solutions. Students learn how to select the appropriate tools and materials for a specific property or structure, they develop an understanding of color theory and schemes, and are able to identify material applications for floor, wall and ceiling coverings.



Bead Making

Our Bead making training will enable you have a fair share of the booming market, as beads have gradually replaced gold and silver necklaces and bangles in fashion

By the end of this programme participants would have understood the core concepts in theory, and demonstrated in practice how to consistently make various forms of fantastic clothing and beads, hence build the confidence to transform this vocation into a meaningful and potentially rewarding career. The program comes with essential resource materials that will inspire you to keep going. Get opportunities to interact with notable fashion designers, and participate in live fashion projects, exhibitions and excursions.



Dress Making

Set new standards in the fashion industry. SBA dress making training is an all hands-on result driven practice-based training program designed ideally to meet the needs of discerning persons with little or no experience at all, as well as fashion forwards who already have some level of experience and wish to update their skills with modern techniques.

The training methodology is on-point and complete.



Hair styling/Barbing, Makeup & Cosmetology

Classes include: latest trends in hair fixing, natural and relaxed hair styling, latest trends in braiding/weaving, hair relaxing, hair colouring, blow drying and curl forming, hair treatment and maintenance, bridal hair and general hairstyling, with the latest in all forms of Cosmetology and Make-up.

Our dedication and commitment at the Academy is to give ambitious Hair Stylists, make-up artists & Hairdressers the unique opportunity to nurture and advance their technical and creative perspectives in all aspects of styling hair in the Fashion, Beauty, Music & Entertainment Industry.



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